Our approach to the Coronavirus pandemic

PJP clinic at Opust Diagnostics

Continuity of Physiotherapy & Podiatry

Whilst our staff are healthy and able, we will continue to accept new patients, and treat our current patients with the most effective forms of treatment possible. We are also investigating the use of a variety of online resources to continue to provide you with expert assessment, advice, exercise, and self-help treatment in the event of restrictions affecting your ability to attend the clinic

Cancellation Policy

If you are unwell or feel you are at risk from Coronavirus, we currently will not charge you a cancellation fee for cancellations made within less than 24 hours.

We would advise you to review the guidance above from the NHS and the government if you are unwell. We are recording all instances of cancellations and will attempt to contact you after the relevant period to check your condition.

If you still require physiotherapy or podiatry after this time, we will be available to continue your treatment in the best way possible. If you are unable to attend your appointment, we would appreciate you contacting us at the earliest opportunity as any missed appointments without contact will still be charged at the full amount.

Cleaning Policy

We have cleaning policies in place, and want to reassure you of the following measures we are taking to help protect you, our staff, and the general public:

1:1 Sessions:

  • Handwashing after every patient contact and during treatments, as appropriate, handwashing will be carried out for at least 20 seconds with anti-bacterial soap and water – we are firm believers in good hand hygiene and all our staff have been trained in effective handwashing techniques. You are welcome to wash your hands before, during, or after your physiotherapy or podiatry session – just ask.
  • Alcohol Gel will be available for use by staff and patients at frequent touchpoints – e.g., by electrotherapy machines or card machine PIN entry keypads. Please use the alcohol gel as you enter and leave the clinic.
  • Fresh Paper Towel is used on the bed for each patient.
  • Chairs, desks, and other surfaces will be wiped down following each patient. If you feel further attention is required to wipe these surfaces, please speak to your physiotherapist.
  • Linen is changed after each patient. If you feel further attention is required during your session, please mention this to your physiotherapist.

Additionally, patients are requested to remain in their cars until their therapist is available to escort them into the building.  We are avoiding the use of the waiting areas and will take patients directly into treatment rooms.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow patient’s friends or family to accompany them into the clinic building or treatment areas.

Please be assured we are taking the current situation very seriously. We will be following the situation carefully over the next few months and continuing to follow the government’s advice.